Meet the Consortium Partners! Orlando LGBT+

Orlando LGBT+ is a Greek scientific organisation focusing on LGBTQI+ mental health adhering to an affirmative, depathologizing approach regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and characteristics, respecting self-identification and human rights.

Orlando LGBT+ is committed to tackling discrimination and any human rights violation, which constitute the main risk factor for the mental health and well-being of LGBTQI+ people. Main areas of action focus on training, research, and advocacy from the scope of community psychology and LGBTQI+ affirmative practice. Orlando LGBT+ has participated in two nationwide EU projects, FAROS ( and Transcare ( on enhancing LGBTQI+ person’s access to services, by building the capacity of professionals. Orlando’s scientific directors designed and teach the first specialised courses on LGBTQI+ issues introduced in the departments of Social Work (UNIWA) and Psychology (Panteion University). Furthermore, Orlando LGBT+ conducts an annual training on psychotherapy and counselling on LGBTQI+ issues for mental health professionals (now on its fourth consecutive year, counting more than 70 participants) and provides trainings and workshops regarding LGBTQI+ issues (including SGBV, intersectionality, trauma, etc) to professionals in different settings. For the past two years Orlando LGBT+ has been running a research and advocacy campaign on banning conversion therapies in Greece and in Cyprus.

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