The main aim of the INSIGHT project is to promote common values, inclusion, equality and participation through acquiring new competences, skills and guidelines about best practices regarding LGBTI+ people and their needs when accessing the health sector. Therefore, the project aims to:

  • Empower awareness, recognition and acceptance of the factors that affect LGBTI+ people’s well-being and physical health.
  • Promote and enhance Digital Transformation in HEI by creating a flexible and easily accessible digital learning material.
  • Establish an equal health care provision for LGBTI+ people.
  • Build acceptance and trust between all participants.
  • Implement the final product within the respective partner countries to stimulate health initiatives and policies that support LGBTI+ people’s rights and dignity.

The INSIGHT project will focus on all needs and quality issues to ensure that all expectation will be met and the main aim of the project which is to tackle discrimination against LGBTI+ in the health care field, while increasing awareness of society for the rights of LGBTI+ people in the healthcare services and contributing to their protection by addressing policy gaps through propositions of policy change will be achieved.