Meet the Consortium Partners! University of Torino

The University of Torino (UniTo) is one of the most ancient, prestigious and large Italian University, open to international research and training. UniTo participates in international projects such as bi-national degrees and international PhD programmes. The University of Torino has always been very sensitive to LGBTI+ issues, being the first one to provide a double University card for Transpeople in transition. For many years the UniTois close to the LGBTI+ community supporting related events on this field. UniTo’s Department of Psychology educates around 800 students annually. UniTo also offers a Bachelor’s degree in Social Working,Vocational Education etc. to more than 200 students annually. UniTo is the leading partner of the consortium, responsible for the overall Project Management and Coordination. It contributes to the Design & Development of the INSIGHT Micro-Credential and to the MicrolearningProgramme content development. #INSIGHT #LGBTI+ #EU4LGBTI+ #EUandME #UnionofEquality #EU #Erasmusplus

INSIGHT Project 🏳️‍🌈: Meet the Consortium Partners!